Biden down in polls, Warren up--is this good or bad for Democrats?
Warren is clearly skyrocketing in the polls right now from her acceptance of Trump's economic policies.

I think she can see right now that his favorability on the economy is too high to be able to successfully run a campaign counter-intuitive to it. But is this really good for the Democrats that she win the party nomination? She may able to persuade unions more strongly than other Democrats right now but she also has been for the Green New Deal which threatens significant manufacturing and coal mining jobs in the rust belt. She is also hyper-extreme on socially regressive policies.

Biden's decline, I believe, is his folding on so many positions that he has swapped on that would have marked him more toward the center. He is "trying" too hard to be a leftist and he isn't.
I think it would be foolish for the democrats, who have run on platforms of change and diversity for the last 10 or so years, to now put up a dirty old white man who’s been in Washington for decades as their candidate of choice.

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