Latin Mass Books for Toddlers
I am a dad of a one and a half year old with our second son coming any day now.  We attend the TLM pretty much exclusively and I'm quite adamant about forming our kids in the Traditional liturgy.  To that end, does anyone know of any board books that are oriented to the Latin Mass? I know the best way to get my sons aquainted with the Mass is bringing them to Mass, but it makes me a bit sad that all of the books about Mass on his bookshelf are NO, versus populum, some portraying girl altar boys and other liturgical abuse.  I've gotten a copy of Maria Montesorri's The Mass Explained to Children and have seen some other children's Missals online that look promising for older kids, but is there anything at all in the 0-3 board book age group? Thanks!
Angelus Press has some children's missals

Anything for younger children on the Tridentine Mass is going to be more difficult to find.
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You might be interested in this board book. Our toddler enjoys it!
I bought this to help myself get acquainted with the LM: It may look a bit above their age range, but it can never hurt to try it, or maybe save it when they get around junior high.
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