The Vatican should remain OK
As I understand it, the "official teaching" from the Vatican/Rome should always remain OK.

We have had not so holy Popes in the past but they all have not been able to change the deposit of faith.  In the past, as much as 50% of the church was in heresy but it always recovered.  The core/center of the Vatican/Rome remained OK.

I have been reading the book, Infiltration, and while nothing new is in the book, it is quite a large compilation.  We all know the "Truth" and could see if it is changed.  In the current crisis,  they have been working around the edges, but no complete rupture/change.

So, it should be OK following the core of the teaching from Rome.  I know the spirit of Vatican 2 nonsense, and all the other fringe elements.

Thanks for all the posters that keep this forum on track and us informed!
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If a pope tried to change the deposit of Faith, he would not be a pope, but an imposter. Those who followed him out of ignorant piety would probably be ok, but those who know better would seriously risk going to hell. Faithful Catholics would be duty bound to correct the error, not going into schism, but rather continuing to believe, live, and proclaim the true Faith in spite of the fact that those who ought to believe, live, and proclaim it more radically than anyone refuse to do so. Though the true Faith may go into hiding for awhile, it will prevail in the end.
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@Joel, I'm currently reading that book, too. I'm about halfway through....How far into it are you?
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I think I am about half way through, I am reading it on my kindle. It is a good summary of what is going on all in one book.  

Some other books to read might be AA-1025, Bella Dodd School of Darkness, Malachi Martin Keys of this Blood (points out the 3 groups of people in the world).  All are rather startling so you have to secure in your Faith.

The good news is we know the Truth.  The greatest thing about America is that the most people can lead a nice, moral life and get to heaven.  Despite all the crazy going on.


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