What’s the best OTC headache medicine?
I usually only get them if I haven’t slept well.
With a newborn, solid sleep can be a challenge at times, although I must be honest that my wife does most of the nighttime work.
However, there are still some harder nights.
Anyway, what’s best for headache?
Advil? Aleve? Tylenol? Aspirin?
My personal favorite for pain relief is good ol' Aspirin. Its hard to overdose on, you really need to take a LOT to OD and of the group of NSAIDs ( Ibuprophen et al) it is probably the least toxic. Basically, OD is when your ears start ringing, with Aspirin. As with all NSAIDs, they can make your blood less likely to clot by interfering with platelet agglutination.

As for headaches, often a good neck rub , quiet and cool enviornment, comfortable recliner, are great headache easers and without the drugs.
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Alieve works best for me, but I only resort to it if it's really bad. Otherwise offer it up.
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(07-17-2019, 11:56 AM)Augustinian Wrote: Alieve works best for me, but I only resort to it if it's really bad. Otherwise offer it up.

During the day, caffeine - a coke product will help any headache.   But Advil, generic works fine, is my choice. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, dehydration can cause headaches and body aches.
Yes, a good night sleep is valuable and hard to come by with small children in the house.  It gets better when they go off to college.
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Ibuprofin works well for me.
Acetaminophen never works at all for me.
Haven't taken plain aspirin (e.g., Bayer) in a while, but it usually works well for me.

Don't necessarily need to go with a brand name either. Generic usually works just as well.
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Excedrin is the best by far, for me - a great combo of acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine.

Next is Anacin - each tab is 400 mg aspirin and 30 mg caffeine.

Note: I will also add that for me, Excedrin is best for those "tired" type headaches you describe. You can get 100 tabs of a generic brand for around $8.

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