Ethical Quandary over Dental Graft
I'm looking at about three gum grafts due to recession or thinning out of the tissue around my upper molars.  The periodontist gave two options:

1. Use skin from my own palate to graft onto the base of the teeth in question.  This would entail two wounds per tooth to heal.  

2. Use a product made from the irradiated skin from a cadaver, which would mean only one wound per tooth.

The two procedures would cost roughly the same, but my problem, besides the obvious "ick" factor, is with the second.  I recently had to renew my driver's license, and I ticked the "NO" box next to organ donation.  In the past, I'd always been in favor, but with some end-of-life horror stories I've read about, I became concerned over the definition of "brain dead" and some hospitals' urgency to harvest, etc.  So, isn't it a bit hypocritical for me to then accept a bit of skin from someone else who may have signed a form with good intentions but with a perhaps less-than-full dead end?  Are there any other issues I should be factoring into this?
Not even a question.  #1.  Your own tissue.  More time, a little more pain, but well worth it.  Less chance of rejection, too.
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I doubt organ harvesters are hacking out the gums of people on life support all that much. Anyway, that won’t kill them if they do. I just wouldn’t do it because that sounds disgusting. I wouldn’t want some strange dead person’s gum tissue in my mouth. That would be worse than kissing a corpse.
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