Hot Peppers : Anyone Else Love Them ?
MMMMM!! I LOVE chili!

My all-time favorite are the chilies I get from Chimayo, NM. I buy the fresh pods and have them shipped to me. I then roast them to get the shell off and use the green meat for salsa and Green Chili Stew. The dried red chilies I get from a vendor I met near the Santuario de Chimayo in the little town. He also had dried green chilies too.

I grow some wild Florida Grove Chili here on the farm. Ya, this was a wild bush that suddenly showed up next to my rose bushes. They are way too hot for me, but the Deacon at the Church loves them, fresh off the plant, diced and made into salsa or straight. I think only the Ghost Chili is hotter or perhaps some of the newer varieties of the Habanero may be hotter.

I ate chili last night for supper, so this is nice to see the next day; people who also have a chili 'jones' too!
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