Hot Peppers : Anyone Else Love Them ?
(08-11-2019, 04:06 PM)Eric F Wrote:
(08-11-2019, 01:45 PM)BC Wrote: Have any of you all noticed any health benefits from eating hot peppers?

Endorphin rush?

Better digestion? Immune system?

                                     I can't really explain it, but after having a few hot peppers, I do have a good feeling inside.

Don't know about that good feeling inside, 'round here there's an old joke about a burning ring of fire though
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My Jalapenos this year actually seem a little weak.
I grow Thai chilis and habaneros. I still have jalapeños from a year or two back. The Thai peppers make a freat pork marinade, and jalapeños are great with burgers, eggs, and hash browns. I make a truly wonderful hot sauce from both types (not mixed) having smoked them first. Habaneros make a great pork or chicken marinade, and also can be roasted and minced to blend into fudge brownies.
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My brother knight has a pepper garden and he had a good harvest this year. Scottish bonnets, habaneros, ghost chillies, the works. They are frozen in my freezer until I get around to saving the seeds for the ones I want to grow next spring and fermenting the rest into my own hot sauce.

When I want to break my fast, I get a small bag of teriyaki beef jerkey and put a couple dashes of Tabasco in the bag. That'll get you going until you eat a real meal.

As for the health benefits, I read that regular intake of capsaicin is supposed to help prevent cancer in the body (but the various studies aren't unanimous on this so don't quote me). From what I have read, much like all foods, in moderation hot sauce is healthy.
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