Hot Peppers : Anyone Else Love Them ?
(08-11-2019, 04:06 PM)Eric F Wrote:
(08-11-2019, 01:45 PM)BC Wrote: Have any of you all noticed any health benefits from eating hot peppers?

Endorphin rush?

Better digestion? Immune system?

                                     I can't really explain it, but after having a few hot peppers, I do have a good feeling inside.

Don't know about that good feeling inside, 'round here there's an old joke about a burning ring of fire though
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My Jalapenos this year actually seem a little weak.
I grow Thai chilis and habaneros. I still have jalapeños from a year or two back. The Thai peppers make a freat pork marinade, and jalapeños are great with burgers, eggs, and hash browns. I make a truly wonderful hot sauce from both types (not mixed) having smoked them first. Habaneros make a great pork or chicken marinade, and also can be roasted and minced to blend into fudge brownies.
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My brother knight has a pepper garden and he had a good harvest this year. Scottish bonnets, habaneros, ghost chillies, the works. They are frozen in my freezer until I get around to saving the seeds for the ones I want to grow next spring and fermenting the rest into my own hot sauce.

When I want to break my fast, I get a small bag of teriyaki beef jerkey and put a couple dashes of Tabasco in the bag. That'll get you going until you eat a real meal.

As for the health benefits, I read that regular intake of capsaicin is supposed to help prevent cancer in the body (but the various studies aren't unanimous on this so don't quote me). From what I have read, much like all foods, in moderation hot sauce is healthy.
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So which ones are you growing this year ? I've got Jalapeno, Tabasco, and Bulgarian Carrot Peppers.
I love spicy food, but here in Japan, people generally have a low tolerance for spiciness, and the food tends to be less on the spicy side. Japanese are often amazed when they seem me pour togarashi (Japanese chili powder) on my food while dining out. That said, there was this one ramen shop in the city I previously lived in that specialized in spicy ramen. They had a spiciness ranking system with cute names going up from fireworks to bomb, atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, Hell, fifth level of Hell, and finally to the tenth level of Hell. I think I only got as far as Hell. At that point, it wasn't enjoyable to eat; just a struggle. Bomb-level had enough spiciness without being overbearing and it was very tasty. I miss that place.
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Anyone ever grow Corno Di Toro peppers ? I've got some that should be ready soon.
We're growing some Jalapenos at the moment, and iirc, some more cayennes.
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It's crass, but my husband says he likes to experience his food twice :LOL:

As for me, my stomach can only handle spice in moderation. I have far too much to do to spend my morning in the bathroom. I prefer just enough to give a pleasant warmth and flavor. I experience no rush or good feeling after struggling to eat very spicy food. On the other hand, hubby seems to enjoy a sort of rush. Y'all may be onto something about the endorphins.
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You can always take the hottest peppers and chop them fine and only use a small amount.

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