poverty of spirit when not actually poor
Carlo Acutis born of a wealthy family, (as are many saints), studied the spirit of proverty along with computers. 

Once he came home barefoot because he gave his shoes away, he saved his money to buy sleeping bags, food, and coffee for people. He would help migrants from Asia, India and Africa Carlo befriended them all whether they be Christian or Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist.

"To be close to Carlo was to be close to a fountain of fresh water,” his mother said.

It seems harder for adults to embrass the poor and needy, after all it can be a bit scary, but that's the point, sacrifice. If it makes you a little uncomfortable you're experiencing the poverty of spirit. But you must try to take that first step. 

There is so much want in the world today it boggles the mind and that may be why a young man like Carlo admonished his mom for buying him a second pair of shoes.
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!

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