What do Protestants experience when they describe a “personal relationship with God”?
(09-10-2019, 09:53 PM)Markie Boy Wrote: I agree with much of what Josh said above, and am very slow to criticize protestants.  I know many Catholics that have been to Mass for years, yet don't seem to "know Jesus as their personal Lord and savior".  

And many fallen away Catholics that say they never knew Jesus as a Catholic but found that relationship often in another church, one that often had better fellowship and better preaching than the average NO parish.

I was that guy.  Too often I see people criticize them about this, saying they should have never left.  

What I really see missing in the Catholic Church is anyone asking "Why?"  I have seen lives changed in a visible way outside the RCC, and I have seen some stay in the RCC and never seem to change.  We should really ask Why?

When it comes to speaking about 'Jesus as Our personal Lord and Saviour', why is the word 'personal' remotely necessary in that sentence?

(By the way, not trying to antagonise those people - probably most of you - who spell 'Savior' the American way. It's just that we spell it with a 'u' over here and I'm not changing it)

When it comes to speaking about knowing Our Lord, why is the word 'relationship' remotely necessary? We do after all belong to the True Religion/Faith/Church rather than just a 'relationship'.

Maybe many Catholics don't change, which probably has something to do with the fact that the Church has for a long time increasingly been Protestantized (and is still being so now).

Whereas when it comes to Protestants I repeat what I said before:
'Even if Protestants (or any non-Catholics) are responsible for Works, then that is not good enough because St. James obviously wrote that you can't have Faith without Works, so surely you also can't have Works without Faith?'

Christian unity is not one 'Church' uniting through Ecumenism with another 'Church', but Catholics all coming together to form one Church.

Don't we want the Church to be at its purest, strongest and most Catholic?

Don't we also want all, including Protestants, to truly be our brothers and sisters and to be saved?

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