What do Protestants experience when they describe a “personal relationship with God”?
(09-12-2019, 07:01 AM)Markie Boy Wrote: Back to the question - what do they experience?  That can vary a ton.  If it's a Charismatic church it could be all kind of phenomenon.  If it's a liberal church it could be all kinds of "you are OK just how you are, God loves you and made you like this, don't change".

So they could experience comfort of some sort.

If it's a good conservative protestant church like I attended, I heard the Gospel for the first time really.  That's a powerful thing.  That God loves you, even though you are the sinner you know you are, but there is still hope.  And hope is powerful.

I spent years in Catholicism without really hearing the Gospel.  In all honesty, the way the Catholic Church does it's Scripture readings is pretty bad.  They are often so short, and have chunks cut out of them, that they are hard to follow or make heads or tails of if you are not already familiar with them.  When you combine that with really poor preaching, people come away from Mass and just feel disconnected.  

So what protestants are often experiencing is that they understand and learn something, where for years at Mass they neither understood or learned much.  Then they feel this experience.  It's really understandable.

Despite wanting to not be unfair, you using the word 'experience' (or a variation of it) and more than once, is perhaps revealing as to the greater predilection among Protestants for emotionalism (despite some of their positive 'experiences'), with that ultimately being unstable and having pervaded the Catholic Church.

The result being that for many decades now, the Church has suffered from the problems you describe and that it didn't suffer from before Vatican II/its immediate aftermath (or anywhere near as much as now anyway), so given that and your embrace of the fullness of the True Faith, it is understandable, but wrong.

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