TLM: The One thing I can't Stand.
A few minor disruptions by a crying or fussy baby is one thing, and certainly not a reason for glares. There are such people that if there is even the hint of a bit of fuss will react unreasonably. That should not be excused, and I assume that's what is being written about here : those crotchety folks 

It's quite different if, when a baby is really crying or disruptive and cannot be settled reasonably quickly, a mother or father is inconsiderate enough not to take the child out to the vestibule or some place where it is not a serious disruption. Such a disruption harms the common good. The individual good of the parents to attend Mass is trumped not only by their duty towards their child, but also by their duty towards the common good of the rest of Mass goers, who are meant to participate and be attentive to the Liturgy.

That parent has a duty to deal with their child. The littlest ones often are not at fault for their disruptions, and so a bit of tolerance is called for while the parents tries to calm them and if that fails while the parents take them out. When they fail to do what they are meant to and calm their child, someone needs to help the parent to deal with it.

I'd prefer not glares, but perhaps the offer of help: "Do you want me to watch you other kids while you deal with the baby?" or even an usher asking the parent to take the child out. Only when it's exceeded 60 seconds or so have I seen a priest stop Mass and turn around to tell the parents to remove the child. That's more than reasonable. The parents should have acted sooner.
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