isn't dating non-christians a sin
An even simpler way to think about dating and marriage is to see it's purpose.

Marriage is primarily for the procreation of children, hence why proper sexual relations are licit only in marriage. These actions tend towards procreation, so are reserved for the union which is meant to create a stable environment for these children. There are secondary ends of marriage, like the calming of our passions, and mutual support and love, etc. but those are secondary.

Dating is for marriage. 

In dating, one exposes himself to relatively near occasions of sin, because two people of the opposite sex who are romantically interested in each other will naturally also have a sexual attraction as well. That attraction needs to be restrained until it can be used properly in marriage. To do that one has to be very careful and virtuous. This occasion of sin is an occasion that risks serious sins with serious consequences, and exposes the couple to a very easy occasion of such sin. It is necessary in Western society, however, to go through this dating ritual to find a partner, though. So a couple who is dating needs to take the needed means to guard themselves against these sins.

This will mean they do not date for a very long time, avoid spending time alone together (especially in private), and get a chance to see the faults and strengths of each other and what dangers and benefits there will be for themselves and their children in the future.

To date without the intention to marry is a serious sin, because it is using something meant to prepare for marriage for "fun" and willfully and unnecessarily exposing oneself and another to the occasion of grave sin for no reason.

To date someone who is not of the same Faith with the intention to marry is at least a serious danger to self and children, so can easily become a serious sin. It is one thing if there is a hope of conversion in the near future, and the promise of the non-Catholic party to protect and support the Faith of the Catholic party and the children, but it's already a bad start, and even then there are serious risks. Doing so without a serious reason and without hope of conversion would be a serious sin. 

If both parents are practicing Catholics, about 60 percent of the children will keep keep their Faith. If one parent is Catholic and the other is Protestant only 29 percent remain Catholic, 38 percent become Protestants, and 26 percent apostasize. If one parent is Catholic and the other not a Christian, 20 percent become Protestant, and 42 percent apostasize. So says a study by the Pew Research Center.

So in short, it is not necessarily a sin for a Catholic to date a non-Catholic, but usually is, because rarely is the danger overcome by other considerations, and rarely is there a conversion in process, or to be hoped for soon.

It would not be as much of a danger if a Catechumen and Catholic were dating and waiting for the official entry into the Church to marry.

On another note, though, glad to hear you're coming home to Rome. You may not yet be Baptized, but if you are taking instruction and intend to enter into the Church it must be because you accept the Truth of the Catholic Faith. That does not make you a member of the Church, only Baptism does, but if you believe and accept what the Catholic Church teaches because God has revealed it through Her, then you are a "Christian", and you most likely have been given the supernatural gift of Faith by God. In fact, you need to have Faith in order to be Baptized.

If you want to learn more about that Faith, I'd encourage you to stick around here and ask questions. We're happy to help you and look forward to hearing of your Baptism.

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