What hobbies are you into right now?
(08-25-2019, 07:42 AM)dahveed Wrote: I'm active locally in amateur radio. Mostly A.R.E.S. (amateur radio emergency service) and Skywarn (weather tracking/spotting). Just a technician, studying for general license eventually. I read alot.

I've had my General for about five years now.  Not very active on the HF bands, and do mostly listening on the local repeaters.  However, I've been looking at upping my base station from an IC-7000 to an IC-7300, or if I really wanted to dump some $$, the IC-7610, and if I really, really wanted to dump some $$$$$$$, the IC-9100.

I guess one of the other 'hobbies' I'm trying to get into is CW (morse code).
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I like reading, history, visiting museums and watching historical TV dramas, etc. 
Reading is still a fantastic hobby after all, it's cheap, interesting and beneficial.

Although I have a background in Computing and Statistics, I don't see them as hobbies at this moment.  Blush

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