Do spiders have concept of memory / facial recognition?
Last week I noticed a spider on the side of the house. I didn't kill it because they the small ones that kill little insects. Then one day i took out the step ladder which was apparently connected to the webs and accidentally destroyed parts of the web, i say sorry and go on to do my task. I came back the next day to return the ladder and see that it has rebuilt its house, but everytime i go there now i get slinged with webs. Never got slinged before i destroyed its house.whatsapp web whatsapp plus routerlogin
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If they're like my cats when I am 10minutes late putting their food down, then may God have mercy on your soul!
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We have lots of spiders here in Florida, some are quite spectacular. One thing I've learned about them is they do seem to listen to me, on some level. They have stopped trying to weave webs in my sinks and this I noticed after I told them not to do it. I wish it was as effective in the cabinets, Sticking tongue out at you but to me it makes a kind of sense; predators are generally very intelligent and I think spiders are as well, being 'arch-predators' themselves.
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I like spiders, to be honest. Now, that doesn't mean I want them anywhere near my body, but I dont mind having them around and avoid killing them if I can.
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Had a 1980 standard cab Chevy pickup with no back window with a web that covered at least 1/2 the empty window hole behind the steering wheel. Sometimes she'd hang on for the ride sometimes she'd go behind the seat but that web stayed up all that summer though it needed slight repairs after every trip.
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
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Facial recognition? No, likely not. Some spiders can see in great detail, far greater than ours but it is rare and even then memory of complex structures (moving, fluid, etc) is hard for us let alone spiders with far smaller brains and somewhat more basic insticts. Visit my blog:

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