Why Aren't We Doing This Now ?
Organization, publicity, and leadership are definite problems. The Coast to Coast Rosary website, for ex., doesn't tell anyone WHERE to go and WHEN to be there; they have a link for people to organize their own, which very few do (or can do). They need key people in key places to get things going and set things up. They could have downloadable fliers that could be edited locally to include the Whens/Wheres and be handed out, placed in pews, stuck on cars at Mass, etc. plenty of time in advance for people to mark their calendars. They need a bigger Twitter presence (does anyone use Facebook any more?) and to do whatever it takes to reach college-aged Catholics.
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(10-16-2019, 07:49 PM)VoxClamantis Wrote: (does anyone use Facebook any more?)

Yeah, thousands of us. I belong to at least a dozen, Latin Mass, anti-modernist, Traditional Catholic, and traditional conservative sites that are very active, at least three Rosary groups, as well as a half dozen equally active Catholic monarchist and pan-monarchist pages. Most of the Trad priests who get quoted here also have a Facebook presence.
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