Dreams where you're battling the devil.
(08-30-2019, 05:50 AM)formerbuddhist Wrote: Had one very vivid one years ago before my official conversion to Christianity. In brief I was wrestling with a giant bat like creature that pinned me down.  I called on Jesus and a cross of light came in a flash and vaporized this thing. I woke. 

Personally I think dreams are places where demons have access sometimes, but God is there too. An exorcist I once knew told me that "they only make their presence known when you're doing something right", as in you must be frustrating them in their behind the scenes attacks so they try to amp it up and scare you in more direct ways. Interesting either way.

Very interesting as I am fascinated with dreams as well as my fight against the sinful temptations of Satan.
In trying to understand what our soul is I theorized that this part of our consciousness that doesn't sleep might be our soul.
Just a thought but either way science can only speculate in explaining dreams, our minds and consciousness.

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