Dreams where you're battling the devil.
Not battling the devil, but 2 or 3 times in my dreams there were persons from which I felt extreme demonic energies. For example, in one dream I entered my kitchen and there was this man standing there and this intense fear came over me and I started to scream uncontrollably for a few seconds and then after I started yelling the st. Michael prayer in Latin at him. The person didn't really react, he kinda just stood there. In another similar dream I again started yelling the st. Michael prayer at him, but I could only remember the first sentence so I started repeating and repeating and repeating it until I woke up and then I proceeded to repeat it until I fell back asleep again. And in one dream I was walking down the street and some, I think it was a cat, was passing me by and I felt intense cold come over me and again I started screaming because I felt the same horrifying evil energy.

As a result I'm not really afraid of anything evil anymore.
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