Dreams where you're battling the devil.
Around the time of my conversion I started getting sleep paralysis(it was a side effect of the meds I was taking at the time). If I fell asleep praying I would dream I was being levitated by demons in my room.  If I stopped praying in the dream they would go away, but if I continued to pray they would become violent until I woke up(which was really annoying because I have great difficulty falling back asleep once waking up). 

The danger of these dreams took place when I would later be filled with pride thinking I was holier than I was due to the dream(At the time I couldn't stay in a state of grace for longer than a week).   I began fantasizing I was another St John Vianney(I wish I could go back and punch myself in the face).

Another danger was when they would tempt me with sins against chastity and wouldn't fight it off(sorry if that's too much information). When I woke up I felt that I had consented to it(I did not understand the Faith well enough at the time) and would fall into short periods of despair.

Don't pay too much attention to dreams.
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