Traditional third orders?
(10-06-2019, 08:20 PM)Ioannes_L Wrote: But these third orders are preceded by the other two.
The Franciscan First Order is formed by the Capuchin friars of France, the Second Order by the Franciscan sisters in Europe and Central America, and the Third Order by the laity.
The Dominican First Order is formed by the French Dominican friars*, the Second Order by the Dominican nuns in Europe and New Zealand, and the Third Order by the laity.
* They are no longer called Dominicans of Avrillé, for the monastery and some the friars have joined the "Resistance".

With all due respect, and again, I have nothing but admiration and affection for Monseigneur and the Society, it doesn't work that way. Third orders are established by the appropriate authority in Rome, Franciscans by the Minister General of one of the three Orders, OFM, OFM Cap, and OFM Conv, Carmelites by the Prior General, Dominicans by the Master General, etc. Unless the Capuchins in France are  recognised by the Minister General, and  the French Dominicans by the Master General, they are not technically a First Order. In other words they are the equivalent of an Institute of Diocesan Right, affiliated with the SSPX. Ergo, they have no more power to establish a Third Order than do the Carmelites of Wyoming, an Institute of Diocesan Rite.

What seems to be the case is that these 'Third Orders' are Pious Unions of Prayer, following a specific Rule which happens to be the Rule of the respective Third Orders from before the Council, affiliated with the equivalents of Institutes of Diocesan Right that follow the pre-Conciliar Rules of the respective First Orders.

Several similar 'third orders', Pious Unions of Prayer, exist of Diocesan Right, following the old Rules, but they don't call themselves third orders.
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