Back after a year...

Well a lot has happened in the past one year since I became just a mere silent observer on this forum to discern my vocation to the priesthood... 

Although I have discerned that the priesthood is not for me (under the guidance of my spiritual director), I managed to find an accessible SSPX Parish in Bombay with great traditionalist Catholic folks and am able attend Tridentine Mass every Sunday finally. I also got enrolled in the Scapular Confraternity in the Traditional manner along with receiving my confirmation (conditionally) recently and I am currently training to be an altar boy - things that I never expected to receive in my lifetime...!

I have a lot to thank God for inspite of many disappointments...
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Welcome back! I was wondering what had happened to you. Especially glad to hear that you've joined the Carmelite Family by being enrolled in the Brown Scapular.
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Welcome back!!  Hi!
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