Vegan/Vegetarian vs. Paleo/Keto diet "extremes". Your views?
(09-14-2019, 05:39 AM)GRA Wrote: In my experience it depends on why one subscribes to a particular diet. I've found more cult-like followings in the vegan and vegetarian camps than the keto camp. Those I've met who do keto do it more so to lose weight while the former is more of an ideology; they're more humble about it.

Everyone seeks someone/thing to love. Often and variably, people can become zealots. Those are the ones I have a little more effort to expend if I am to hear and understand their views. Its so often a tad tedious, since often, special needs of those with dietary restrictions can complicate what's in and not in a meal. If its for medical reasons, that's an obvious, but as a lifestyle choice? I don't know.

GRA Wrote:I have more respect for the vegan + vegetarian camp if it's for religious purposes versus secular reasons.

Ya, me too.
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