Priest and Parishioners Battle Satan in Chicago
CHICAGO ( - Faithful Catholics gathered in Chicago to protest yet another satanic affront to the Catholic Church.

On Aug. 7, Fr. Thomas Aschenbrener, the pastor of St. Mary of Perpetual Help, conducted prayers of deliverance from demons at an exhibit titled "Sex Militant" conducted by satanists.

                                      I know Father Aschenbrenner personally, not well, but have spoken with him several times. He's a good priest and offers a weekly TLM. Also, I can add that the Co-Prosperity Sphere at 32nd-Morgan, in no uncertain terms is an Antifa hangout that features off the wall art exhibits, leftist political meetings and concerts.  The Bridgeport neighborhood used to be a heavily Catholic area, but in the 90's four of our churches there closed up and in the last decade or so alot of avant garde bookstores, clubs, businesses have moved in.

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