Pope Francis accuses American traditionalist Catholics of schism
Unsurprisingly, the Holy Father is beginning to speak of schism in the Church, accusing traditionalist Catholics of America of instigating such. I wasn't aware that defense of Traditional Catholic teaching was a schismatic act, but hey, time will tell and Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph.

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Par for the course, I wouldn't expect anything less. I'll continue to pray for the clergy and the holy father.

So I guess Benedict the XVI is in schism for Summorum Pontificum then lol.
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I think that anyone in Doctrinal difference with what globalist, communistic excreta nonsense Frank may spew would be considered a schismatic, but then, they'd be in schism with a possible heretic it would seem.

Not such a bad place to be.
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This garbage makes me tired.
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