The Environmental Revolution is like the Watermelon
(09-13-2019, 12:01 AM)whitewashed_tomb Wrote: I think it's quite orthodox and important to want to conserve forests, wilderness, and farmland from corporate exploitation and over-development. However, the problem with the environmental movement is that it takes these good initiatives and uses them to promote an anti-human ideology.

Conservation's not a bad thing, but to an extent. I agree the environmental movement is mostly anti-human and sees humanity like you said, as a virus or something to be contained or eradicated.

But it's the exploitation of the environment that's allowed developed countries to have the standard of living they do, even for the poor. There's a reason the poor in places like the United States and Europe have not just food and shelter but cell phones and cars and cable TV. Very few people starve to death now, because their ancestors cut down all the trees and established farms. If feeding the people of Brazil requires cutting down or burning a portion of the Amazon forest, sorry, but then the trees need to go.
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