Drone strikes knock out half of Saudi oil capacity, 5 million barrels a day

                              This is INCREDIBLE news if accurate !  Neo-Con Lindsay Graham want's to bomb Iran .
All I have to say is wow. I doubt they will have it up and running in days like they claim. That's quite a hit to the market.

Possibly a chance for the US market to fill the gap somewhat.
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So the idea of being energy independent isn't so crazy after all, eh??  If we are energy independent then such things will barely affect our prices at the pump and will steady the stock market.  Note:  We are not in a recession.  There is no recession.  Do not believe what you hear on tv, there is no recession.
I hope no one was killed or injured.  This will also create a huge environment mess to clean up.  Bad guys do bad things.
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[Quote] Oil futures jumped Sunday evening as markets opened for the first time since the attacks. The price of Brent crude surged 12%; the U.S. benchmark West Texas intermediate climbed 10%. Trump said he had authorized the release of oil from strategic reserves, “if needed.” [unquote]

We filled up yesterday at $2.75  

Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!
It said on BBC News that the smoke could be seen from Space! Apparently no casualties though, thank God.

It reminds me of a Tim Vine joke:

'So I said to Neil Armstrong, is it true the only man-made thing you could see from the Moon was the Great Wall of China?
He said no. If I looked slightly to my left, I could see a rocket and a moon buggy.'

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