Real chance to get rid of OCP Missalettes??
(09-15-2019, 04:32 PM)Markie Boy Wrote: So I was invited to a liturgy meeting, and changing missalettes is part of the topic.  I know I have multiple reasons I don't like those books and songs, but looking for help.

1. Can anyone share their reasons for not using OCP materials?

2. Can you suggest a better resource?

Any help much appreciated!

1.) because they’re awful. I’m not even talking in terms of theology. The basic poetry and music itself is just plain lousy. I wrote better poetry when I was in elementary school and I wrote better music when I was in college...and I still wouldn’t dare to do any of those things professionally.

2.). Pretty much anything would be an improvement (nothing by GIA though- I said “pretty much anything,” not “absolutely anything.”). Corpus Christi Watershed is a good place to start.

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