Poll: Is there a Relationship between Virtues and Learning??
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Yes, virtues do have Positive impact on Learning
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Relationship between Virtues and Learning??
Is there a relationship between Virtues and Learning??
Are they independent things? Or do virtues have a significant impact on learning?

Some people said: Come on, of course not ! Virtues are not necessary for us!
But what do you think??
There is always more to learn, and therefore more to share with others, about God’s truths. There is always a deeper understanding to be found. If you have the ability and resources to seek it out, then you definitely should as long as you don’t find yourself in a position where academic/intellectual pursuits are jeopardizing your soul. Intellect is a gift from God. If you have it, use it and share it.
Quote:Virtues are universal and should be easily recognized by kids. Sometimes stories and experiences are models for students behavior and we try to impact it in different ways as teachers. We use academic success stories from the term paper writing service examples by graduates, teachers and professors who worked with their specific models and created a positive learning environment that helped them curate the process of virtues education.
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The first question that comes to my mind, when I think about this topic is Why we need virtue education. And the answer is in Josh Herring's article (Acton Institute and Thales Academy). I'm sure virtues, culture, education are interrelated and you cannot just simply divide those. When I worked as a teacher, I tried to include virtues context and references into each lesson plan, so that they should be unnoticeable yet each child could perceive it and feel the importance of virtues.
See this page about the virtues, including the intellectual ones: https://www.fisheaters.com/moralthinking.html
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