My [pre-Church] experiences with pure cannabis have been mixed. Good pain relief, but occasional elevated anxiety. However, as it's the THC in cannabis which usually causes the anxiety and paranoia, trying CBD seems a worthwhile experiment. And if it helps with my irritability, as per the OP's experience, my husband will be delighted! :D
My mom has been using CBD for a few months now. After they left the office because of the quarantine to work home, her work became much harder. She began to work for 2 hours longer, and this clearly affected her condition. Sometimes, because of the stress, she couldn't sleep. Her friend advised us to choose something on this website since she had an e-cigarette. We bought a vape liquid with CBD. At first, she did not feel any difference, but after a while, I began to notice that she fell asleep much faster and looked less tired. I don't think she'll use it all the time, but we'll see what happens to her in a few more weeks.

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