How do you afford Catholic school?
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Parishes here run elementary and middle schools. We were very fortunate that our pastor is big on restoration of Catholic culture, and has mentioned several times how when he was a kid, it was unheard of for a parishioner to pay for a Catholic school. As such, a lot of the parish’s money goes to the school, so most families don’t pay much. Our oldest boy went there for middle school, and is now in the public high school. The students’ behavior is night and day, but we’ve been fortunate that he and big sis weren’t impacted by essay writing service too much by behavior rubbing off on them.  The younger two boys went to the local public elementary school for help with reading. The school is really good. Currently we homeschool the 6th grade boy, as we weren’t impressed with the middle school, to be polite.

Here's the list of scholarships for elementary schools:
  • Josephine C. Conolly Achievement Award;
  • St. Thomas More Association;
  • Vianney Scholars Program;
  • The Charles Ellis Trust Scholarships For Girls;
  • Archdiocesan Scholarships;
  • Neumann program

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