How do you afford Catholic school?
I strongly recommend that if possible, you homeschool your children. I've been homeschooled with Seton ( and their curriculum couldn't be more Catholic, nor could their tuition be better -- they even offer financial aid. A word of warning though: it's tough for both parent and child. Their curriculum is solid, the grammar is top-notch, and I've been more than prepared for college.

If you can't do that, make sure they understand their faith or you shall lose them. Get a copy of the Baltimore Catechism (vol. I for < 8 years, vol. II for 8+). Make sure they're involved in the Church. Make it a point to instill in them a desire to die rather than sin -- that life's meaning is nil without God Who Is its whole and entirety. Make sure they're prepared to defend their Faith and to die for it: let them learn Plato, Augustine, and Aquinas -- that their knowledge of the scholastic tradition may enable them to know truly and reason -- or their inability to reason shall cause them to be blinded and ensnared by the devil.
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