How do you afford Catholic school?
Relatively speaking, the amount you cite is about on par with what my Dear Departed Wife and I had to spend to keep our three kids in Catholic Elementary schools back in the 80s. We were able to send two of our kids through Catholic High School, but sadly, not our youngest. Pat and I had to work many overtime hours, equivalent to nearly two full time jobs each. It was really hard and she lost her second job and my OT got throttled back when it was time for our youngest to go to HS. She ended up in a rather decent Public HS, but finding such these days would be a serious challenge.

Bottom line: We sacrificed a lot to get them a Catholic Education and I am very proud and happy that we did. I think they were largely, better educated and with a good moral foundation that even in the 80s and 90s, they couldn't have gotten at a public school.
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