How do you afford Catholic school?
(11-18-2020, 08:31 PM)AnaCarolina Wrote:
(09-24-2020, 05:40 AM)LionHippo Wrote:
(09-21-2019, 02:38 PM)Credidi Propter Wrote: Where I live, the Catholic schools simply aren’t anywhere near as good as the local public schools. Even the teachers that actually have degrees aren’t very good. Quite a few of the teachers don’t have a teaching degree, and some don’t even have a degree at all.

I look at the offerings of my local Catholic schools, and compare them to my local public schools. Even though the local schools’ offerings are so meager they’re laughable, they are wonderful by comparison to the Catholic schools.  And for what?  Most of the people who go to Catholic school don’t even go to Mass anymore. My secular friends knew the Catholic school students because they had the best parties. They got the best drugs and alcohol, and were most eager to have sex. The Catholic schools take time, energy, and money away from the parishes that’s should be used to benefit everyone, not just families, not just children- especially if they’re doing a lousy job at focusing on those.

I agree with this.  The money would be better spent on supporting vocations, updating the Churches, faith formation programs, and charity.

Catholic schools seem to be a huge liability for parishes these days, with little return on investment as far as teaching the faith.  Every year, we get the stories about a Catholic school teacher who gets "married" to their same sex partner, or about the girl who wants to wear a suit and tie to her First Communion, or some other stunt that is nothing but a massive headache for the dioceses.  

It used to be, when I attended Catholic schools in the 80s-90s, that they were renowned for doing "more with less."  That is, the cost of tuition was well below how much was spent per public school pupil, but with higher academic achievement as evidenced by standardized testing scores, college admissions and scholarships.  

I'm sure a lot has changed since I graduated high school, though.  Technology wasn't as big a factor back then.  Nowadays, Catholic schools feel compelled to keep up with the offerings of public schools, which get much more money to keep up with new programs.  The Catholic schools simply can't keep up - but they seem to be trying to match the public schools just for "appearance" and most of them are completely misguided in their aims.  

I see Catholic schools advertising how they "have S.T.E.M!"  "We have S.T.E.M!!" to jump on the bandwagon of all thing scientism, but without the more advanced trappings of the public schools.

What would be more impressive is getting kids to learn how to think, i.e. in the manner of the Catholic "classical schools" which exist outside the jurisdiction of dioceses.  But, those still cost at least 50% more than the average Catholic school, from what I can tell.

Wouldn't it be more impressive for a Catholic school to claim that, 10 years down the road, 100% of their students were still Catholic, rather than X amount made it into the secular public university that's going to eventually destroy their faith?

Snother thing we have 3 priests snd a few nuns. We are not affiliated with parish. The alumni support our traditional school.

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