How do you afford Catholic school?
(11-19-2020, 11:09 AM)yablabo Wrote: I believe tuition at our parish school is $11K per year per student.  They do numerous fundraisers in order to reduce that for needy students as well as to buy superfluous things.

That said, I am opposed to schooling for children.  It’s no one’s business how parents choose to educate children.

That’s a very broad stroke.  Are you against all “traditional” forms of schooling?  I’m not for government school (public school should be called what it is), and we must evaluate parochial schools as well, but what are homeschooling parents to do when they’ve exhausted their personal knowledge and expertise?  Do they send 14 year old Billy to the library and hope for the best that he can figure out organic chemistry?

Also, what are the superfluous things the parish school buys?  I’m genuinely curious...
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