How do you afford Catholic school?
(02-21-2021, 02:46 PM)Herena Wrote: My children go to public school, but I don't like it very much, because they get a lot of tasks, but very bad knowledge, because there is little they can do on their own. I have long wanted to transfer them to a Catholic school, but it is quite expensive. But now I believe that I will succeed and my children will get a better education.

I hope you're able to.  My son works at Xavier College Prep in Phoenix and has been telling me for years how great it is for the girls.  They often get scholarships to ivy league schools for both academics and sports.  I went to a theater performance at the school, before the Covid restrictions, and it was as good or better than the performances I saw at ASU.  Top notch.  

You're right, the tuition is outrageously expensive for most Catholic schools, but my son tells me that most of the girls at Xavier get partial or full ride scholarships.  Some money comes from private donors, but a lot comes from Catholic Education Arizona, a program that takes advantage of Arizona's private education tax credit.  The program is win-win. Your donations that go to private school tuition count as state tax credit.  It's covered my state taxes for years now.

Hopefully there's something like that where you live.

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