Advice - Family Member's Marriage
Sorry to repeat myself, but what are your thoughts on a couple that married without form having their marriage blessed without the renewal of consent?

CAN. 1161
RADICAL SANATION (Canons 1161 - 1165)
§1. The radical sanation of an invalid marriage is its convalidation without the renewal of consent, which is granted by competent authority and entails the dispensation from an impediment, if there is one, and from canonical form, if it was not observed, and the retroactivity of canonical effects.
§2. Convalidation occurs at the moment of the granting of the favor. Retroactively, however, it is understood to extend to the moment of the celebration of the marriage unless other provision is expressly made.
§3. A radical sanation is not to be granted unless it is probable that the parties wish to persevere in conjugal life.

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