Advice - Family Member's Marriage
(10-03-2019, 01:35 PM)SeekSalvation Wrote: Although this wedding does not fit the proper Form and Matter requirements to give this couple the proper wedding sacrament, thus meaning a good Catholic can not attend the ceremony, you may attend the reception if invited.

The matter is fine (two people of opposite sex, and free to marry). The form is not, and it's clear they despise the Church law requiring them to follow the form for Catholics, and do not consider it serious.

But the reception? How does this make any sense? 

The wedding is invalid, so a Catholic should not show support and scandalize people by witnessing the ceremony, but he can celebrate the fake marriage afterwards? He can't support the illicit vows, but can go feast and dance with people who are committing and committed to fornication? He can toast to their grave sins?
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