Story of red Stain on Closet Door
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May each and everyone one of you continue to receive the love from our Father and his Blessings!

I'm sorry if i posted this on the wrong section or I'm allow to. I'm reaching out to this forum to see what's this about or has it happen to anyone/know. This happen around 2013. I didn't think much to find a forum or ask around. This is all true and nothing I say is false-This happen to my mom. 

This all started when a close family friend son (around 11 yrs old) drowned in a pool and was rush to the hospital and was put on ventilation to help him breathe. Doctors said at the time I guess from what I can remember what my mom said that even if he somehow wakes, he will have damages or won't be the same. My mom heard this from our family friend and went straight to church to pray. My mom goes to church at least 5 times a week in the morning, I guess in a way shes a prayer warrior. She prayed a lot during this time for friends son. About a few days later my mom gets a phone call from our friend and we find out her son wakes up from the coma and is absolutely fine as if nothing happen. 

My mom hears this and quickly heads to church to give Thanks and pray more! Well, every morning before my mom goes to church, she always goes to her closet and gets her jacket. This time before she opens her closet (image provided) she she sees this red/stain on the closet door. To her amazement, it looks like the Virgin Mary wearing her cloak? over heard along with her hands together praying along with a BIG red mark towards her heart? My mom, dad,nor myself will neither do any jokes or anything like this. My mom quickly goes to church to pray more over this. She gets my dad to clean the area and sweep the grab. The very next morning she wakes up stun to find clean sand on the dad literally swept the ground the night before and no one in the house went to the beach. 

I'm sorry for typing this long/grammer. I'm wondering if anyone here or knows that has this happen to them? 

Thank you and God Bless!
Give thanks to Our Lord for your family's apparent miracle!

As for the image, perhaps, it is a confirmation of the miracle.

I wouldn't go into whom or what is responsible, but all miracles are gifts from God and to Him goes all the glory!!
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