Remember Folks, the Bible Should Always Be Taken Literally!
Agenda driven history is always going to fall short of the mark.  Modernist Catholics and Protestants do have a unified agenda in that they feel throwing stones at the Church will somehow elevate what they wish to be the truth.  Being Catholic is hard, it was always hard, and that with good reason.  We follow the teachings of God and often those teachings come through his prophets.  Homosexuals didn't like the rules then any more than they do now.  Money lenders, adulterers, and others spoken of in the Bible as representing fundamental sin have always despised being called out on their behavior.  They have always tried to heretic their way into justification of their particular sin.  The Church has until very recently been a bastion of the hard truth.  That hard truth can at times make us all take pause and try to justify some sinful tendency we find attractive.  We tell ourselves that God is love and that he could not possibly condemn us for something we so truly desire.  The hard truth shows us that God can indeed be wrathful, jealous and firm in both his condemnation and punishment.  Christ is not a frail hippy, singing folk music and preaching about if it feels good do it.  He was, in his human form, a true man driven by his mission to cast down Satan and free us from sin.  He told hard truths and his acts of mercy among sinners had a point.  He showed mercy to direct us all away from that sin.  Our God in the wholeness of Trinity could not be more plain about the desires of the flesh, the consequences of sin or his wishes for our salvation.  Our God is literal and I think he will not be swayed by quibbles over the clarity of the holy scripture on judgement day.
And it's important to note that taking the Bible literally means taking the MEANING of the text literally, not to treat the words as if they used no rhetorical devices. I talked to someone (probably trolling) who tried to assert that based on the sermon on the mount we should literally gouge out our eyes and cut off our limbs so we don't sin.
The following reasoning is particularly absurd:

1. The Bible is meant to be taken literally.
2. At the Last Supper, Christ took bread and wine, and described them respectively as His Body and Blood.
3. However, He couldn’t have meant what he said — including what’s said in John Ch. 6 — as being literal.

That kind of reasoning, I imagine, is enough to make someone go mad.

Let me take another example,’perhaps even more absurd.
A common favourite passage amongst Evangelicals is John 3.16, which is, of course, beautiful Catholic Truth.
However, you have to hear how a Hyper-Calvinist interprets that passage.
1. Basically, they start with the false starting argument that God has predestinated most of mankind to Hell.
2. Therefore, He could not really “love the world”.
3. Therefore, the “world” must not mean “the world”, but rather “the world of believers”. So basically the text could be read as: For God so loved the believers, that He gave to them His only Son.
4. .....

That’s the thing with most “fundamentalist” Bible interpretation.
They can’t just lead the Scriptures breathe, and let the Truth lead where it may.
They start with a position and then go scrambling to confirm their bias no matter what they’re told.
But I sympathize with them, I really do. They’re in a terrible mental trap.
Once they start doubting their Calvinism they become fearful that they’re not actually elect, and then fearfully run back to their false position.

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