1945 orig not reprint St Andrews Missal
Am I correct to surmise that SADM printings after this (I've seen copyright dates of 1949 as well as 1955) substituted the CCD/Confraternity translation of scripture for the Douay Rheims? And when did the entirely all-Latin equivalents to the vernacular get jettisoned in the SADM? Seems even earlier than the old line drawings, which were fading even pre-council. Replaced by to me rather blunt and tortured renditions in sparer line of more "contemporary" mid-20c aesthetics. I think some of the Sunday options were given only in English by then?

I also learned that from a by "Paul Flores Photography" on YT that the St Bonaventure Press reprint, which claims to do so without change, excised the dialogue mass rubrics from their edition. That surprised me. I suppose a liturgical quibble is to blame? Wanted to let anyone know that the 1945 "classic" pre-Bugnini publication thus has been slightly "adjusted" to reflect the press' wish not to encourage that degree of audible "actuosa participationem" among the laity? Interesting tidbit I thought I'd pass along to anyone like me who's searching among options new and old, reprinted or freshly typeset.

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