Tasting notes from my travels in American Christianity
(10-09-2019, 01:55 PM)GangGreen Wrote: Any diocesan parish is really a product of the priests there. Sadly, many head priests/pastors are of the immediate post-VII era and are quite liberal. I've just moved to a new area and one of our local churches has a priest who is quite orthodox, talks about harsh truths in his homilies, tells the truth about the modernists in the hierarchy, loves TLM (although he's all alone so he can only do it once per month), and just seems like he's doing the best he can with what's going on. The NO Masses are about as good as you're going to get and I can live with them as I pray I can figure out a way over time to get a more consistent TLM going  :D. Unfortunately, if we all run away to the SSPX or FSSP there will be none of us who will be able to work on the low hanging fruit sitting within reach in the mainstream.

I tried really hard to do this at my parish.  It was an uphill battle from the beginning, but I wanted to take this approach and "reform from within".  I got stonewalled on introducing any traditionalism into the parish whatsoever.  As in, every priest pulled a Pope Francis and just stopped responding to me altogether.  Wouldn't look me in the eye at Mass.  This was after attending for several months and getting to know them all fairly well.  I was literally the only person in my age group by 20 years to attend daily Mass and they cast me aside in an instant.

This was the church where I had met my wife at the young adult group.  As I mentioned in the OP, it no longer exists anymore.  Every one of those people had left the parish.  We did adoration in Latin at that time.  It could have been a good starting point.  But they preferred driving everyone off than make even a single concession to someone under the age of 40.  And this is in a county that voted Trump by a wide margin in 2016.  

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(10-09-2019, 08:03 AM)Imperator Caesar Trump Wrote: Option 3: FSSP, et al.  I did not have a good experience with the FSSP, but that’s not important.  I will instead offer what my current complaint with all traditionalists ""firmly within the Church"" is: It’s a shell game.  You won’t be scandalized by attending Mass at an FSSP parish, but enjoy having your financial contributions go straight to a bishop who will do his best to make sure you DO get scandalized.  I really question the morality of actively participating in a parish like this that, despite being orthodox in all the right ways, on paper functions like any other diocesan parish as far as the bishop’s pockets are concerned.  It strikes me as a type of blood money: You give money you know will be used in immoral ways as long as you get to worship as a traditionalist with certainty that you are staying firmly within the Church.  This didn’t occur to me my first time around because I was poor.  Now, however, I can’t imagine making such a Faustian pact for my own piece of mind. 

To the best of my knowledge, supporting your parish/priest can be done in other ways other than writing a check each week (or direct deposit).  If one takes some simple steps, one can prevent most, if not all, of this money from getting into the hands of the bishop (if you so choose).  For example, I was told by a priest that one can earmark their weekly collection such that it does not go into the pot where the diocesan allotment is calculated. Simply marking it as "parish improvement' would suffice (but you better ask your priest to make sure).  

OR... make your contribution directly to other non-diocesan causes... instead of a weekly contribution at mass, make a larger monthly contribution to a traditional seminary of your choosing.  

And when the basket is passed around at the time of the diocesan appeal, or for "Peter's Pence", don't throw anything into it.

Or maybe throw this into it:

[Image: 70574261-3068427563187408-2825314819719036928-o.jpg]

Lol... thanks for this.  And what you are describing is the exact problem I had with my experience with FSSP (well, one of them).  The priest actively discouraged earmarking and demanded "obedience" to the bishop in terms of contributions and trusting where that money would go.  Maybe it's because the parish was new, or he had something to prove.  I don't know.  Based on conversations in the past here, I'm the only person who has ever had a bad experience with FSSP, but I definitely did.  This priest barred me from registering at the parish for a month because I "admitted" to attending an SSPX parish in the past and because I made comments about not wanting my money to go to the archdiocese.  I think I wrote a post about it before I left Fisheaters for a while.

Some of you all are really lucky.  Establishing the TLM at your diocesan parish or having good experiences with the FSSP.  I have had absolutely none of that.  :-/
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