Tasting notes from my travels in American Christianity
Imperator Caesar Trump Wrote:And what you are describing is the exact problem I had with my experience with FSSP (well, one of them).  The priest actively discouraged earmarking and demanded "obedience" to the bishop in terms of contributions and trusting where that money would go.  Maybe it's because the parish was new, or he had something to prove.  I don't know.  Based on conversations in the past here, I'm the only person who has ever had a bad experience with FSSP, but I definitely did.
This really depends on the particular Fraternity priest you are dealing with. Their constitutions are flexible enough to allow for a variety of opinions towards issues like "obedience" to the local diocese as well as the SSPX-FSSP relations, etc. The company men will be committed to the idea that the SSPX is in schism since the FSSP in its essence and founding does not make sense without asserting this "fact." But even here, some of these priests can still show considerable sensitivity about supporting a diocese that openly promotes (or does nothing to discourage) heretical or anti-Catholic activities. The pastor at the FSSP near my place is one such person, who openly preaches the SSPX is in schism but also discusses from the pulpit the difficulties and solutions surrounding any contributions the diocese requests. He's handled it with an admirable mixture of tact and straightforwardness.

That all being said, I've seen firsthand horrible, horrible things within the FSSP as well as the SSPX, and I know there are others here who have also seen similar things. Despite all that, whichever place we choose to go to must first be based on the positive reason of where the faith is preserved and nurtured as best as possible. I simply find that the SSPX can do this better than the FSSP because they are not burdened with this theologically obtuse game of obedience. There are of course other theological and political issues that keep me from them as well. 

Lastly, a note about everyone running from diocesan parishes to the traditional ones. I say, if possible, yes do it!! And better sooner than later. Don't hesitate. Ever heard of a boycott? They work only if everyone is doing it. A bad NO priest can ignore as many parishioners as he wants because at the end of the day the laity can't do a single thing. But what CANNOT be ignored is if there are no people there to ignore! A much more powerful statement. Most people today are literate and have access to books and the internet. There is no reason now to remain ignorant, no excuse to be complacent, no justification to keep silent. If only more people hurried to demonstrate that the norm in the Church is unacceptable, and that the hierarchy must give us real reasons to continue to make the effort to show up to their stand-up tragedy shows. As I said, a bad priest can ignore you. But he can't ignore the empty seats and unpaid bills.
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