Tasting notes from my travels in American Christianity
(10-11-2019, 01:23 AM)Imperator Caesar Trump Wrote: I am willing to concede that partially. For sure there are cultural distinctions that I just don't appreciate. However ugliness is also explicitly built into their aesthetics. Like I said with Byzantine iconography. It's not just my opinion that they look ugly. They are designed to be visually unappealing to direct ones thoughts beyond the material to the spiritual. That is the fundamental raison d'etre of the style, per Orthodox theologians. Making the people look anything other than sickly and freaky is a corruption of the style and a criticism they levy toward Catholic art.

Are we looking at the same icons?  They're certainly intended to look a bit unrealistic to emphasize otherwordliness, but I've never heard anyone say they are supposed to look sickly.   Do they seem more sickly in appearance to you than some renaissance paintings of pasty-white, bloated saints?

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