Tasting notes from my travels in American Christianity
Quote:I've not researched it enough, personally id rather be safe then sorry, so I would personally go any traditional parish still tied to Rome if I had the option
Even if you dont accept the SSPX argument for supplied jurisdiction, which is very strong, you still have no worries. Rome has given ordinary jurisdiction to the SSPX to hear confessions. So confession is both valid and licit.

Now, if it was sinful to assist at an SSPX mass this would be perfectly absurd. Why? Because to make a valid confession one must resolve to avoid sin and the near occasion of sin. If assisting at an SSPX mass was sinful in itself, one could by definition not receive a valid absolution. So by giving ordinary jurisdiction for confessions, Rome has de facto acknowledged that Catholics may assist at an SSPX mass without any sin on their part. In fact, Rome has further stated that if one goes to an SSPX mass because of love for the TLM and not out of a desire to separate from Rome, there is no sin.

Also, one has the right to attend mass in their own rite. Your rite is the Roman Rite, not the manufactured Novus Ordo rite. If the SSPX is the only group in town offering your rite, you are perfectly fine to go there. So no worries! Go to the SSPX if you are able.

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