Is giving in to an addiction a sin?
(10-11-2019, 01:24 PM)Birdie Wrote: About addiction itself being a mental illness, that’s true; mine is actually a symptom of my mental illness. I’m not saying that this excuses me completely, but it is what it is.

If you do something disordered and could have reasonably prevented it, then you've sinned.

However, your ability to consent is certainly reduced by both the previous habit and the mental illness. If it is so reduced that you truly cannot willfully control it, then there could be no sin at all, but this is probably rare. If your consent is so reduced that there is not a complete consent to the act, then certainly there cannot be mortal sin. So even when the action would normally and usually be a grave sin, it might be in your case only venially sinful, but that's not a good assumption to make unless you have a good confessor or spiritual director telling you this.

Part of beating a habit of sin is the Sacraments and a consistent and constant effort against the sin. Part of beating (or at least controlling) the mental illness is going to be proper medical treatment as well as proper spiritual support.

Thus, I think it would be good to speak with a good Catholic priest who can help work with your doctors to find a suitable treatment and help you to be more successful in beating your habitual sins, even if they are not grave sins, and can help assess your actual spiritual condition and provide helps towards fixing the problems. It is also worth noting that getting this spiritual help may help the mental illness as well, just as help with the mental illness may help the spiritual life.

You need to work on both the natural and supernatural side, and good priests will certainly support you in this, so go and find one you can trust and will help.
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