Fr. Thomas Weinandy on "Pope Francis and Schism"
Quite honestly, I'm fatigued from constantly praying for the Church to avoid errors. Everyone always says that “Christ will prevail in the end” anyway, so I’m fine with that. Let Him prevail. But all of us have busy lives and problems of our own to begin with. We didn’t ask to be placed on this earth and many of us were just born into this faith to begin with. I have my own life and family to deal with, aside from constant worry and praying about the Church to “remain holy.”

The idea of a God who puts us in a position of constantly praying and working to keep holy a faith that He supposedly founded just doesn’t attract me. I’m exhausted doing this. I’m just going to wait out this Amazon Synod to see what happens. But I’m done praying and worrying. If the Church is on such a close precipice to the edge of doom that she’ll fail if LionHippo doesn’t say his prayer to St. Michael today, then I don’t know what to say. The Church is supposed to give me comfort and guidance, not the other way around.
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