Fr. Thomas Weinandy on "Pope Francis and Schism"
Its become increasingly clear to me that Archbishop Lefebvre was right, and I thank God for having given him the courage and grace to found the SSPX. Because of his labors, which were without a doubt very difficult and trying for him, we have today a small remnant part of the Church that holds fast the Orthodox Catholic Faith. I'm not just talking about the SSPX either; I know full well the FSSP and the Institute of Chirst the King wouldn't have come into being without Archbishop Lefebvre. So obviously God has not abandoned us. God always saves a remnant, that theme is all over the Old Testamant.

I cant make sense of the Conciliar Popes. I dont know how to square it with Papl Infallibility. They've obviously taught error, and I don't understand how this all works out. All I can see is that a diabolical spell has swept over a large part of the Church, including Rome, and the faith is in eclipse. This is the Great Apostasy warned of in scripture. It is humanly speaking impossible to restore the Church. I almost think God has brought us to this low of a point in order to drive us to abandon all human hope and place our hopes only and completely in him. Eventually divine intervention is going to end this crisis, and it's going to be ugly. Read the Apocalypse, because we are living through it now. Dont give up hope, God always saves a remnant. Even if they suppress the traditional mass anew, the SSPX will still be there, and we can still be faithful Catholics with a true mass and true sacraments unto the end.

As a final note, no Catholic is obliged to follow the Pope into sin. Heresy and apostasy are sins against faith. I will never follow any Pope into sins against faith!

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