Fr. Martin Lasarte's views on married priests via Asia News
In this article, Fr. Lasarte asks why the Church is considering allowing Amazonian priests to marry when there are numerable examples of the faith growing and spreading in situations where there were only laypeople or very few priests to evangelize, notably Korea, Japan, and parts of Africa. He says the lack of vocations in the Amazon is not due to aspects of Amazonian culture that make them innately unable to comprehend and practice celibacy but rather due "the lack of proposal, the lack of apostolic fervor, the lack of fraternity and prayer; the lack of serious and profound evangelization processes." This from a news source that is generally neutral towards/favorable of Pope Francis.

Also, in this other article from Asia News, the Singapore Archdiocese succinctly clarifies the relationship between man and nature, stating that nature is not God, man is not just one organism among many, and that while human activity is good, nature is also not merely raw material to be exploited for the profit of the few and used however we see fit. Why did we need the Amazonian Synod to discuss how we as Catholics should treat the environment and respond to ecological issues when we could've simply printed this article in every parish bulletin around the world instead?
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