Why the WOKE Establishment Hates Joker
I haven't seen this film yet, perhaps I will, but for now I am quite fascinated how the media is so split about it. At first I thought it was gonna be another blood fest, but it appears it isn't so bloody in comparison with most other movies out there these days.

PJW uses his usual adult language in quite well directed spite of the MSM's response to the film.

Maybe I'll see this film before it goes on 'Prime' after all.

Nice video this:

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The wife and I might go see it sometime soon. I'm not a huge comic fan but I am interested
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It is doing very well at the box office.
But I will decline.  I don't want to watch a movie about the decent into insanity.
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From what I gather the Joker represents the nihilism of modern man the same way many of Dostoevsky's characters (Smerdykov from Brothers Karamazov to use one example)  did in his 19th century novels. 

Perhaps the Joker is something that the mainstream just doesn't want to face because at heart they know his nihilism directly leads to the violence and meaninglessness and mental illness of modernity.  Joker is a creation of modernity, and by modernity I don't just mean something that popped up in the last few decades but the whole modern project,  something that started at least as far back as the Renaissance.

Jay Dyers vid on it was enough for me.  Like everyone here I grew up in the nihilist modern world and don't desire to watch it.  As I age I have less and less desire to see simulated filth and depravity on the big screen.
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