Hypothetically, would ordination of women mean the gates of hell had prevailed?
(10-13-2019, 07:29 AM)josh987654321 Wrote: I completely agree, when it comes to deaconesses, at that point it's basically female priestesses and paganism IMO, but you could still have a valid Eucharist therefore I would go to as great a lengths as possible or necessary to avoid such apostates and still receive Our Lord.

I too hope it doesn't come to that, but my hope is fading, at the end of Mass tonight Father mentioned a talk that was going to be given from a female theologian about greater role for women in the Church and the 2020 Plenary Council in Australia is marred with so much heresy and heretics, they only listen to one voice and it's not ours, just a cover to pretend like it's what the people want when it's actually what they want, which is a nonsense anyway because they should be asking what Christ wants and following the scriptures and tradition. It isn't a democracy.

I go back and forth between 'Jesus, I Trust in You' and the disciples in Mark 4:37-40

Things appear to be getting worse and worse, there are things that give me hope though, and signs of hope, I don't know how this will all play out, but there is nowhere else I can go and I've read in private revelation that the Church will be restored in all her Glory, and this I believe can only happen once she lies in ruin, that's the only way the wolves voluntarily abandon ship, so things are going to get pretty bad, just hang in there. Pray, hope and love.

When all appears lost that is when it will be won.

God Bless You

If the Church did go down this road and hit a line in the sand, it wouldn't really be the end of the world.  It would just mean that you and I had discerned what the true Church was incorrectly.  It would be a very big deal, but you would still have plenty of time left in your life to discern the correct path.

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